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I have been taking chemistry for a while now, and recentley have been getting confused. And the more I get taught the more I get behind because Im not understanding it. I took old problems that I got wrong on past quizzes, tests, and homework and tried to work them to get the right answers. But, am having trouble. There are 80 questions that I compiled together to try to understand. If anyone could do them for me so I at least know the answers, it would be great. Let me know! ASAP, PLEASE! thanks!
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Sure, we'll give it a go for you! You can post the questions here or email them to us at towthefootball at
I sent it. Did you get it? If you did, do you think you can do them for me?
I got it. I think we can show you how to do each type individually, but doing the whole 80 questions would be just doing your homework, and i'm not sure what you'd get from it. I'll see what i can do tonight - i'll send you the first 40 tonight with explanations and guides on how to do them, and my friend will help with the 2nd 40.