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Discussion Paper

Hey everyone. I have a really simple question. I'm in the process of writing a discussion paper for my biology lab, but I'm completely stuck. The assignment is as follows:

Prepare a table comparing all of these organisms [Hydra, Planaria, Ascarus, Lumbricus, Crapidula, Lancelet, and Seastars], and write out your discussion and conclusions about the relationships between body form and life style in invertebrates.

I have the table completed. What I thought we were supposed to be looking at is the type of symmetry each organism has, and how that relates to what kind of environment it lives in, how it eats, moves, and reproduces. However, I'm not sure how I can really compare these organisms to that degree based on only the type of symmetry.

I'm not here looking for answers. I have most everything in the lab manuel and in my notes. I'm just having trouble relating that information to the life styles.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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